Monday, 20 April 2015

Hourglass Obscura Eyeshadow Palette Review

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you would know that in January I attended an Hourglass event in Liberty London store. Whilst at the event we all took part in a masterclass session where we could get hands on with the full range of Hourglass products both new and existing. After the event there were a few products I knew I wanted to own for myself one of which was the Obscura eyeshadow palette.
As you can see the palettes colour scheme is golden brown described by hourglass to be "earthy tones" which complements most eye colours especially blue and brown. The first thing I noticed when using the eyeshadow palette is how soft the eyeshadows are due to them being finely milled. Also I like the waved pattern emboss on all of the eyeshadows which give the palette a more luxurious feel. As demonstrated at the event if you were by accident to mix up the colours by swatching colour too close to the divides, it can easily be corrected using a clean brush and lightly swiping over the affected area which returns the palette to its original seamless finish. This is due to the way the eyeshadows have been filled in the pan of the palette instead of stock filling into a single pan.
The colours as described by hourglass as the following from L-R Cream, Smokey Brown,Rose Gold, Coffee,Cool Bronze. 
I would describe each of the colours as the following:
1-Pale Yellow 2-Warmed Dark Brown 3-Light Copper Bronze 4- Dark Brown 5-Brown Toned Gold.
The finishes of the eyeshadows vary throughout the palette from left to right I would say the formulas  are 1-Matte with a slight pearl sheen 2-Matte 3-Veluxe Pearl 4-Semi Matte and 5-Powdery Metallic.

1-Due to the depth of the palette and the generous sizes of the eyeshadows themselves this palette definitely gives you more colour for your money than the standard single eyeshadows palettes out on the market.
2-The packaging although slightly more bulky is sleek and sturdy and is perfect for travelling.
3-Large mirror in the palette is perfect for on the go touchups.
4-All of the colours except the pale yellow apply well used wet using M.A.C Fix +
5- Only require the palette for a complete eye makeup look.

1- Due to the softness of the eyeshadows one sweep of the brush lifts a considerable amount of powder off from the palette which I think in the long term will waste a considerable amount of product. 
   2- Darker crease colours could be smaller size and the end brown toned gold could be larger.
3- No mini brush included in palette so you would have to bring additional brushes for touch ups.
4- Due to the softness of the eyeshadows the darker colours are harder to blend evenly.

Overall Rating
3.5 out of 5
The palette is versatile for a high end brand, containing a range of colours which can be used in conjunction with one another for an easy one palette eye. However as the formulation of the eyeshadows is very soft when applying there is fall out which makes touch ups on the go more difficult compared to other brands eyeshadow palettes, plus you must bring additional brushes as the palette provides none.

Would I purchase another palette from the range?
Overall I would buy one more palette (Infinity) from the range due to the variety of colours they provide in each palette.Each colour works with another and there is no stand alone colour. However I would make sure I use a good eyeshadow base with the eyeshadows to try and avoid touch-ups on the go.

Have you tried the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes?

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Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 - 2015

So 2014 has been and gone, a new year has come along. 2015 is a bigger number,which means more things to see and wonder.

Hello everyone, its been a long time no see  read. The reason being around that time I was getting stuck into my new full-time job, before you all ask what my job is (because I'm afraid I can't tell you what it is) it is a job that has no fixed shift pattern. Due to this, my blog schedule (and my social life) literally flew out of the window. My job is shift based so due to the timings of the shifts any spare time is used in sleeping and eating. The night becomes day and vice versa which makes it very difficult to find the time to write blog posts so apologies for the lack of posts or even updates on here. My passion for beauty and fashion has always made blogging my favourite hobby, but during the last few months I sacrificed it in the name of work. To all of you who read my blog and wondered what happened, I apologize. This new year I am making sure I schedule in time to relax which to me means writing blog posts,snapping away on instagram and tweeting immediate thoughts on twitter,links to all of which are at the bottom of the post so keep your eyes peeled! 

My absence aside, I hope you all had a very merry christmas and a happy new year! Let me know what you do to celebrate and your favourite unexpected present you received this christmas (if you celebrate the season) !

As always a new year means new years resolutions (the things we say we will try to do to improve ourselves and never truly stick to as the forthcoming months roll past). For a bit of fun I've listed my ten new years resolutions below:

001- Be more confident in myself.
002- Do those squats,situps and crunches (yes I want the abs and bum this summer)
003 - Make health my lifestyle not a fad.
004 - Smile more and think less.
005 - Cut out dairy and branded products for good.
006 - Schedule in time for fun and blogging.
007 - Meet new people.
008 - Say yes more and be more positive/less risk adverse.
009 - Read more.
010- Say yes to new opportunities and experiences.

What are your new years resolutions?

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Back to Basics M.A.C Essentials

Sometimes the most basic of things make a big difference, such as a brown eyepencil, a neutral toned eyeshadow...see where I'm going with this? Its not the bright pink lipstick you wear once in a blue moon you run out of, its the things you use on the daily basis which deserve the most love. This haul consists of a few staple items I re-purchased from M.A.C, whilst detailing the reasons why I can't go a day (maybe a tad dramatic)without them.

Teddy is a warm toned brown eye pencil which blends like a dream. I use it on those lazy days smudged close to the lash line and blended outwards to open up the eye, followed by some mascara and a warm-toned red lip. The colour itself is true to the photo, and contains the tiniest amount of golden reflects, not enough to notice from a distance, but subtle enough to show if you take a good look up close. Despite the extra reflect it still blends well and is a buildable eye kohl pencil. You can work as quickly or as slowly as you like with this, which is good for those too early morning wakeups, where you still haven't come to terms with the time let alone applying make-up. I really can't live without this pencil and I carry it with me everywhere as by simply adding a dash of this to the eyes, it instantly updates your look. It's simple but effective.
Close up of M.A.C Teddy Eye Kohl.
Teddy eye kohl smudged out two layers, teddy smudged out one layer, teddy swatched, Era eyeshadow swatched. WITH FLASH
 Era eyeshadow is a unsung hero colour, no-one seems to talk about and I have no idea why. Its one of those colours which looks so simple and boring you tend to ignore it when looking at the vast colour range M.A.C has to offer. But once you pick it up and apply it you realise how beautiful it is.  Its a cool toned light brown toned colour which has silver reflects finely milled within it. I use this colour in a multitude of ways, from sweeping it all over the lid, to defining the crease, building up the opacity for smoky defined eyes, or even smudging under the lower lashes. Era is slightly darker than my natural skin-tone which makes it the perfect colour for defining key areas. Its not too-strong a colour by itself, but definitely can be built up for the opacity required in a smokey eye. It was the second eyeshadow colour I ever bought from M.A.C and its the one I've repurchased the most out of the many I own for good reason. If you don't own this colour I'd really recommend you take a look at it, you won't be disappointed!

The M.A.C quads are such a handy way to carry four staple eyeshadows on-the-go, with the new clear front packaging making it quite literally clear to see which colours are contained inside. I have quite a few of these palettes which I swap and change on a regular basis to create the ultimate eyeshadow look to distill the best trends of the season. For such a good price, you can't go wrong with these palettes for storing and transporting your eyeshadows.

Order same as above NO FLASH
Such a great product. You can apply this directly to the face either before you apply your makeup to give a good base to the skin, or after you have completed your makeup, to lock in the look for the hours ahead, or even both. But what I mainly use M.A.C Fix + for is for foiling pigments and eyeshadows. As the holiday seasons are approaching, halloween and christmas I'm talking about you, the pigments in my collection creep their way forwards, begging to be used. I love adding a bit of sparkle and glitter to my looks when we're in the holiday season, I mean who doesnt?! What I do is a spray some of this onto a flat top eyeshadow brush such as a M.A.C 242 (for all over the lid colours) or a M.A.C 239 (more defined smaller brush) before I dip my brush into some pigment I've placed on the back of my hand. I then pack the pigment into the brush making sure there is no loose pigment which can drop over the face before applying the pigment directly to the lids of the eyes. I've found this is the best product for doing this over all the high-street alternatives. Its such a versatile product with endless possibilities which I always grab when I need to fix my make-up.

So that was my purchases from M.A.C of a few essential products I couldn't live without? 
What are your absolute favourite products from M.A.C? 

Tweet me at @simply_naturale letting me know or leave a comment in the comment box below, I love hearing your thoughts and suggestions!
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