Saturday, 15 February 2014

February Fashion Wishlist

Despite the howling winds and hail stones the size of golfballs hitting the UK at the moment, my february wishlist for fashion consists of items which would much prefer warmer sunny rays. As you can see even shorts made it to the list, which I won't be wearing them anytime soon ... thanks weather *sigh face emoticon*

To see where each item in the above image is from click HERE
My inspiration this month has originated from watching two sisters on youtube who are based in California *drum roll please* Cait and Shannon Barker. They are both models for Brandy Melville and they vlog their adventures from behind the scenes of photoshoots, to penny boarding about town. Everything the girls wear oozes my style, super relaxed and comfortable clothes which are still figure hugging. What I love the most is obviously their super skinny pins [jealous is a understatement] & that blonde hair - I will get my hair like that one day. Hence I may have come slightly obsessed with every t-shirt Brandy Melville has to offer along with a bucket load of vintage flannels, now just to find the perfect one!

Until I find myself the perfect flannel, grey cropped jumpers and light airy t-shirts will have to do, layered with heather grey hoodies and a fitted khaki Barbour jacket. I've been wearing Topshop's Cropped T-shirt Tops to death recently, trust me I've washed one within a day to get it ready for an afternoon out - thats true obsession right there. They are super comfortable whilst showing a little flesh and covering your shoulders #perfection

Silver jewellery. Yes I still cant get enough... Topshop jewellery is bang on at the moment, I just hope it is still available in a few days once payday is here. I love pairing silver jewellery with light t-shirts with a black mesh bralet underneath. As the sharp shapes are visible through the white t-shirt and add the extra edge to the outfit to rock big silver pieces.

So thats it for my fashion wishlist this cold february, please excuse me whilst I go wish for californian warm weather for next month... until then leave a comment below telling me whats on your fashion wishlist.

Monday, 3 February 2014

In-depth Review : Lush Tea Tree Water

Toners have always been one of those steps you either do religiously or skip altogether.Normally I never use one, until I decided to repurchase this product. Repurchase you say? Well yes, I originally bought this product a good four years ago when my skin was spot prone in my early teens,don't you hate growing up? Fast forward to today, thankfully I only get the occasional spot here and there, but nevertheless it still has it moments of sudden dry madness. When I was in Lush on the 2nd of January I bought this along with two other products Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub and Bubblegum Lip Scrub (reviews to follow soon) to see why I used this product so much. Have I piqued your interest, hopefully so.In this in-depth review I will explain everything about this product from its ingredients properties to the application and honest results I have obtained.

 Ingredient Break-Down
On looking at the minimal ingredients lists *hurrah* this product is mainly formulated from three types of waters so to speak,Tea Tree as the name suggests, Juniperberry Water and GrapeFruit water. I will explain the remedial properties of each to show you the benefit this product provides on application to the skin.

*Tea Tree Water is proven to be antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial; all of these features allow the water to be effective at minimising levels of bacteria which are involved in the formation of spots. Terpenes along with about 100 other substances within the tea tree oil itself is what has allowed this product to be remedial for over thousands of years.

*Grapefruit Water is obtained through cold expression of the fruit juice,the products of which are then dispersed into water.The water itself has antiseptic and astringent properties which allow it effectively work on acne-prone skin whilst also improving skin tone.

*Juniper-berry Water has many beneficial properties, but those which aid the skin itself are its antiseptic properties which allow the skin to be clear which helps maintain the skins overall balance.

Now that we know the breakdown on the ingredients list, I will explain how I apply the product,it's smell and consistency and finally, the results I have obtained whilst using the product. 

I tend to switch between two different methods to apply the water, firstly after cleansing the skin I spray the product directly onto the cheeks on my face and pat the product into the skin, with clean hands. I find this allows the product to be pushed directly into my skin to absorbed and also allows me to have greater control of where it is being placed. 

The other method is by spraying the water to cotton-wool balls, however I have found they absorb literally all of the product, which only allows minimal levels to actually absorb into the skin, hence wasting the water.Although some people may be against using your hands for application, I truly do find this the best method - just be sure to throughly clean your hands before application. As the name suggests it has the consistency of water, and doesn't cling to the skin like oil does from which the ingredients are originally derived. When it is applied you instantly get a calm and cooling effect, very similar to that of Fix+ but much more cooling than the latter.
The nozzle in which sprays the product is very sharp, its definitely a spray -not a mist like you receive on using M.A.C Fix+. Due to this you will need about three sprays to completely cover the face. One on the forehead,which then runs down to the nose, then one on each cheek which covers half of the skin,temple and under eye; so when repeated covers the entire face. I use this product twice a day (when I remember sometimes the mornings escape my grasp before I even notice) once in the morning after cleansing the skin,before applying moisturiser, and once before bed as my last step.

Results Of Application
When you wake up the next morning you truly notice the effect of the product. My skin is very smooth to the touch and feels refreshed, with no redness. Normally I wake with redness if I haven't used this product so this was the obvious difference I noticed when testing out this product. Another benefit is that the smell of the product does linger slightly,which I like.The smell of this is very hard to explain, but if you know what tea tree smells like you will recognise it straight-off the bat. But to the un-trained nose it smells very green(not herbal) and refreshing with a hint of a clean smell. It isn't a potent smell but very light and clean, so it is in no way overbearing on first application. I have found over the weeks of testing it has helped keep my skin happy,which entails soft skin which is balanced,with no oil spills or dry patches, more calm with the reduction of redness especially around problem areas and finally reduction of blemishes, when I did have a breakout when testing this product it did its job by reducing the size of the blemish itself and keeping it calm and camouflaged. Although when you first use this you only notice the smooth skin, over the weeks you really do see the difference in the skin itself, so don't be expecting a major difference on your first application. Its one of those things which progress with time and patience.

Although this product is marketed mainly for spot-prone and oily skin, this does also work on dry skin which I myself have in certain areas,so don't be put off by their tailored marketing. When my bottle reaches its end, which isn't anytime soon (it lasts a long time) I will be repurchasing this, as it is always handy to have for both on the go and to save your skin in times of need. 
If you're still unsure whether toners are still worth using I would definitely say to give this one a go at £3.95 for a 100ml bottle it is well worth the test this 2014.

 It is available from the Lush stores or Online HERE

Have you tried toners?

Saturday, 4 January 2014

003 - The Week Post

To me this week has flown by, the first few days of the new year have already hit the pan. Crazy. This week to me has been a much needed catch-up time, to get on top of the things to do which have been carried through to this new year. Plus I have booked a hair colour for myself for next week.This is a big step for me I have never dyed my hair before or changed my hair colour, so some foils were a brave but much wanted change that will happen very soon. Other than that I've been listing away new products I'm gong to try to give a go- beauty blogger problems right there.
A girl can dream right?

My side table in my bedroom, thought it looked pretty.
001-Style Crush on Becca Dudley

-The amount of hours I have spent going through her Instagram @beccadudley is beyond me, I love her style how she isn't afraid to mix things up- quite literally she does abit of DJ'in from time to time.First pun of the year I'm sorry.As a MTV presenter she has the quirky edge right down to the blonde hair(which I ultimately want my hair to look like) and the reversible jackets! Either way I know that if I could be anyone right now I'd jump straight into her shoes without a second thought!

002-Polaroid Cameras
-I have wanted one of these bad boys for a longggg time. Everyone seem to have picked up one for Christmas except for me. I do have a polaroid in the house but unfortunately it is broken, which I found out Boxing Day *sigh*.Knowing that I don't have a working polaroid means that I'm desperate to get my mitts on one more than ever. I reckon I may make a naughty purchase soon in a week or two-watch this space. I will get some cute polaroids in my room, I will.

003-Beguiling Beauty
-This is a feature post I created and post on this blog rather regularly. It entails all the latest products I've jotted down on my beauty list to buy- and explains why I'm intrigued to try each product. I love doing this series as I love hearing from you all, if you've heard of the product before and also are interested by their offerings to. I love the sense of community on my blog more than anything so I cant wait to get the series started up for this year 2014- my list has already piled up.Why couldnt my list been like this before christmas...I will never know!

004-See by Chloe Perfume
-I love Chloe perfume. I love the original Chloe, but here is  the catch. The scent changes so much on my skin its crazy, a few hours in it turns for the worst which isn't good. However my sister wears it perfectly and it remains the same on her skin just like the scent in the bottle. Envious much, I think so. However in October time, I tried out their newest fragrance See by Chloe. As always I give them hopeful spray and returned to running errands. This is where the miracle happened, it had stay true to character on me. I was so happy, I made my mother sniff me to check.With her nod of approval I headed out to purchase it. My local Debenhams and House of Fraser were out of stock of the medium sized bottle, and at the time I couldn't justify purchasing the largest size, check the tag people its scary! As Christmas approached fragrance sets make their entrance and See by Chloe was one of them. However it went out of stock so fast, partly because it was only £25.75 for both the perfume and body lotion, I couldn't grab one for myself. This has made me enter 2014 with a mission to get one for myself ASAP. Shout out if you see the set anywhere I will literally run to get it and I don't run for nothing usually!

-I will admit I think Royals is waaay overplayed on the radio, to the point I don't like it now.Anyone agree? But I was giving her music a browse and I came across the song White Teeth Teens, and I haven't stopped playing it since! It such an unusual song, I love the beat with the drums background. Its a song I play for everything relaxing in the morning, writing posts, whilst in the shower.You name the event and its played. If you follow me on Instagram @simply_naturale you will see I posted this song on there, thats how much I like it. A close second on the music front is Tourist-Your Girl. So if you have a spare minute or two, give them a listen and tell me what you think in a comment below!

For the weekend I have work tomorrow *boo* and I'm currently deciding whether to buy Plus White 5 minute Bleaching Gel for my teeth, as i have very yellow teeth and I've been desperate to have my teeth whitened for the longest time. Let me know if you have had your teeth whitened and or what you use to achieve it, any recommendations would be great! If you want to see what I'm up to on a daily basis feel free to follow me on twitter or Instagram!

So that has been my week, in a rather crammed nutshell.
 What have you done this week?