Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May Favourites | 2014

Can someone tell what happened to May? It literally flew by... it's almost June. . . JUNE! I can't think of a better way to welcome in June by explaining what products I've been constantly using the entirety of last month!

I love this blush, I purchased this at the end of Summer and I absolutely love it. Its a golden-toned coral colour which gives an instant healthy glow to the cheeks. It has hints of gold shimmer which catch the light beautifully. Don't worry it doesn't make you look like a disco ball! It's my go-to colour for the warm weather, I can't see myself not using this anytime soon.Definitely worth the investment if you ask me, plus it looks so sophisticated when you pull it out of your makeup bag!

  I love the hollister smell. I really do it remind me of summer and sun-tan cream (not the gross kind). I'm rubbish at describing scents but this smells exactly like the store with an added dash of a feminine floral note. Don't worry it wont make you smell like your grandma its not that floral, but its just enough for me in the warmer weather. As you can see its definitely well loved. Although for the price it does come in a small bottle, so you go through it quickly. Not good. Plus I don't know if its the type of sprayer it comes with, but my bottle leaks if its not standing upright. So I cant travel with this, which is a big let down. Another thing I don't like how this sprays. By all means its looks pretty vintage, but I like putting on perfume not a tiny dusting!

For Summer Hollister have now created a Rollerball version of this perfume, which I've definitely got to pick up. So if the bottle design has put you off you could always try their smaller rollerball first!

This palette contains everything you need for a healthy looking face. It has a neutral toned matte bronzer which suits my light skin tone perfectly. No orange face for me this Summer *cheers of joy* . Next to it as you can guess is a ice pink shimmery highlighter. This is great for popping on the high points of your face. Less with this product is more as it is very pigmented. I use my real techniques pointed foundation brush to slide this onto the top of my cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead and a light dusting on the cupids bow. I then lightly blend this in with a MAC 224 brush.

Finally the blush. The colour is quite a dark pink so you only need to apply a tiny bit of this and blend it in well. I've found this gives such a natural looking colour on the cheeks,as it is quite matte in finish. If you prefer some shimmer in your blush you could always dust some of the highlighter over this for some glowing cheeks. I'd definitely say this is the most pigmented colour out of the three. If you're in a rush remember build this colour up, as its easier to add more than it is to take-away!

If you like the look of this palette the word is on the street that Urban Decay are launching more of these palettes in June so if you want a bit more choice wait till then to pop into stores and have a look, a big thanks to Fleur (Fleuredeforce) for letting us know!

I apply the blush and the bronzer colour with my Real Techniques contour brush. This brush is definitely my second most used brush ever. Number one goes to the tarte brush I will explain later on.

MAC Quad (Custom Made)

Colours from L-R Top to Bottom Orb Patina Grain Cork.
This is my everyday palette. To me this has everything I need for a quick eyeshadow look. I have quite light skin and these colours really suit my natural skintone.

 Orb has a satin finish and I love using this on the browbone and to blend above the crease.

Patina is my most favourite MAC eyeshadow, it has a frost finish. I use this on a lazy day all over the lid, or for a smokey look on the outer half of the eye and under the lower lashes. Recently I've also been using this in my brows and I've been loving the look it gives.

Grain is a staple colour to me. Its such a buildable colour and can be used virtually anywhere. I use this mostly as a base in my crease to give me some natural definition, before I add a darker shade. Grain has a Satin finish.

Cork is a warm toned brown, which is a staple if I'm creating a smokey look.Sounds weird but I use this to blend out the crease and it instantly warms up the eyes. On darker skin-tones this would be a great colour for the outer corner of the eye to give some natural definition. Cork has a Satin finish.

Each colour is highly pigmented, the most pigmented out of all of them is Patina. Please note that Grain is also very pigmented, it doesn't really show in the photo above as it matches my skin tone! 
I feel having your own tailored MAC quad is a true life saviour.They are easy to travel with compared to their single pot counterparts, and you can really make a multitude of looks from only four colours. 

If you follow me on twitter you know I bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation and the bruhs counterpart. I've been testing out the foundation, the full review is in progress and will be here soon if you're interested! To cut a long story short I've reverted back to my beloved Bare Minerals Original Foundation and I'm using the Tarte kabuki to apply it. I love how it give more of a full coverage than the recommended brush by Bare Minerals. Plus the bristles are much,much softer. I love absolutely everything about this brush and it is my most used brush ever. Has definitely made me think about investing in more of their brushes.

I recently treated myself at the Chanel Counter, naughty I know. I picked up this after having it applied and recommended to me. Its basically Chanels offering of the YSL Touche Eclat. After having this for a month, I've already used it up pretty much, which goes to show you that the amount of product in here isn't a-lot. I only use a pea sized dot underneath each undereye area to brighten my dark circles. This aside this product does work in brightening the face and has made me look into getting their larger undereye concealer which I've mentioned HERE.

So thats it for my May Favourites, if you've got this far please write a comment below letting me know one product you've been loving this month!

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beguiling Beauty - May Edition

This month, beauty has taken priority over fashion; which is a first for me. Normally this time of year i'm starting to piece together my summer clothes and desperately seeking to find the best bikini. This year I'm much more relaxed on the clothes front. Instead I've been seeking to achieve that natural beauty; barely there make-up. As you can see, the products below slot into that category perfectly. Now onto the good part, my desperate explanations on why I need to have these products in my life.

I'm really, really late on the bandwagon. I know I'm sorry. I received a mini sample of this and I honestly couldn't get enough, It beat my favourite MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara. Which quite frankly is a hard act to follow. So it shows you how much I enjoyed the small amount I had. NEED this full-size in my life asap. Okay?

After hearing Amelia Liana rave about this perfume and how she was asked by a man on the train what scent she was wearing, I've decided enough is enough - I want a slice of that action. I've only smelt a few of their fragrances and always walked away instead on making the purchase. But this time I am going to give this a spray and see if the scent suits my skin. Personally I really hope it does, purely for the fact the bottle would looks gorgeous on my dressing table. Sad, I know.

Ever since purchasing the Naked 3 palette I've loved the formulation of Urban Decay's eyeshadows. This colour seems like a perfect everyday shade for me. Its slightly shimmery which would be perfect swept all over the lid on those busy days.

I have been impressed with Chanel's offering of eye concealers, after using their highlighting pen which is very similar to YSL Touch Eclat. Although they do seem to run out very quickly. To counteract this, this eye concealer is larger and would therefore last longer. Plus it is specifically formulated for the under eye area, so I'd love to give this a go.

I love the sheen these give which just make you look so healthy and glowing. This colour seems like the perfect 'your lips but better' shade. I know I'd get a-lot of use out of this shade and it wouldn't require a mirror for touch up, which is always a bonus for those on-the-go.

Amelia again, has persuaded me to try this out. It seems like the perfect contour shade as it is cool toned, so would prevent paler skin-tones from looking orange. It also comes with a highlighter which has minimal sparkle which is always a bonus. The compact itself is sleek so it would fit in any makeup bag.

This was inspired by Fleur as I heard her talking about the deconstructed rose lip gloss set and read about the company themselves over on her blog. Really like the concept behind the brand so I thought this colour would be a great introductory colour to test out the brand. 

Another recommendation from Amelia, you can tell I watch her videos alot. I love having healthy looking skin in the summer and the colour scheme of this compact seems perfect for my summer tan.

If you read my blog you will know I am a Bare Minerals Original Foundation girl through and through. But, after purchasing this for my mother as a mothers day present, applying this several times for her (makeup isn't her strongest subject) I love the formulation and staying power of this. That being said I might have to try some of this out in my colour to see if it breaks me out before I go for the full version.

After watching Fleur,Essie and Amelia hit Sephora in both their V-logs and Dallas haul videos, I've never wanted makeup brushes so much. I am a big fan of makeup brushes, they make application a breeze and quite frankly do all the work for you. I have tons of brushes already, but I have none quite like these two. Justification aside, I know I will have regular use out of these and they are truly worth the investment. . . now to get abroad and get some!

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Tell me in a comment below what beauty products have you been wishing for this month?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Full Review

Urban Decay Naked Palette. I hear you sigh, oh no not another beauty blogger reviewing this palette. It seems from the very start Urban Decay Naked palettes have been, and continue to be the 'hyped up' staple in every beauty lovers stash; clearly I am no exception. I have had this palette for a good two months now which I thought was adequate time to generate my thoughts for an in-depth review. Urban Decay have 3 different Naked palettes, this one Naked 3 has pink and brown toned eyeshadows inside. So if you want particular vein of colours I suggest you look at all three palettes and see what ones would work best for you.

As you can see, the packaging for this palette is in a beautiful rose gold metal, with the writing raised off of the waved container in brushed gold.To me this packaging is very glamourous but simplistic, with a quick glance I know exactly what palette I'm looking at, as I've never known another palette to be the same colour or design. The packaging itself is fairly light and robust, which makes it suitable for travel. Although the palette is slimline, I'll be very impressed if you own a makeup bag which would fit this in fully without it poking out the corner. To open the palette itself, it has a deep indentation which easily allows it to be pulled open. It is secured by two prongs, one in each bottom corner. Parallel to this is its complementary trough, which when clicked in place holds the palette shut securely.
Along the top half of the palette there is a long mirror which allows for application on the go which is easily wipeable, just incase the eyeshadow flecks scatter from brush application. On the bottom half there are twelve eyeshadows each weighing 0.05 oz, which is roughly the size of normal eyeshadows. Which to me seems deceiving as they are placed as thin rectangles rather than circles which is more common shape for eyeshadows. They are arranged from light to dark, whilst varying in formula throughout. The palette also comes with a dual-sided eyeshadow brush which features both a duo-fibre blending brush and precise flat top applicator. When you buy this palette you also receive four mini primer potion samples, of varying formulas which will last you a month in total.

Eyeshadow Pigmentation

I've found that some of the shadows have better pay-off than others, which is normal considering the different formulas of eyeshadow on offer inside the palette. Although even the most glitter based eyeshadows such as Trick and Dust have fairly good pay-off, much better than others I have tried from brands such as M.A.C and Sleek Cosmetics. However the Partial Glitters do tend to have some noticeable fall-out so be sure to either foil them or have a shadow shield at the ready when packing these colours on the lid.

Matte Shades - Strange, Limit , Nooner and Blackheart.
Satin Shades - Burnout, Factory and Darkside.
Frost/Metallic Shades - Buzz, Liar and Mugshot.
Partial Glitter Shades - Dust and Trick

My personal favourite colours from the palette in order are Strange, Nooner, Limit and Liar. The reason being they are slightly different to ones I already own, have very good pigmentation and are versatile colours. As a side note if you are conscious of perfumed products, the eyeshadows themselves don't really have a smell at all unlike those from Chanel, which have the signature rose scent.

Colours in Natural Light from L-R Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar.
The eyeshadows have good durability lasting for a good six hours without smudging or creasing when used without a base. Also please note I do not have oily eyelids, so if you do I would assume without a primer the durability of these on the eye maybe less. With urban decay primer potion, these eyeshadow stay put all day which to me is from 9am to 8pm. However with the partial glitter shades especially Trick I have experienced slight fall-out which can make your application look slightly messy as the hours tick on.
Colours from L-R Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar , Factory, Mugshot , Darkside, Blackheart.
The Verdict
I feel for a good dual-sided brush, 4 mini primers and the twelve eyeshadows the palette is adequately priced at £37. However, if I could make improvements to the palette itself I would make the packaging magnetic shutting rather than the plastic prongs and also make the palette shorter in length, so it would be make-up bag friendly. I feel this is a worthwhile purchase and I've used this palette regularly since purchase. You can purchase this palette from online or an Urban Decay counter.

What are your thoughts on the Naked 3 Palette?