Monday, 28 October 2013

002-The Week

Its all been about television catchup and driving. Driving you say? I've been working through the theory and had driving lessons which are going really well. Im just overall  so excited to start feeling independent and the whole idea of having my own car I can drive about in when I want excites me to no end. Obviously I know I cant go shopping everyday one the car park fees would kill me let alone re-filling fuel! But I can see light at the end of the tunnel and its all falling into place which makes me so happy! Anyway, I said television aswell. Do to cruising around and studying I've missed a couple of programmes which I finally caught up on on BBC and ITV player alike. Great British Bake off, I don't know what to think about Frances winning, don't get me wrong I found her the nicest out of all three of them but then again I do feel she has had quit a bumpy ride through the competition. Anyway, enough of that now it doesn't really batter anymore. See what I did there I'm worse than Sue, I know bad joke I will stop now.

Other than the boring shenanigans of my life, I was abit naughty on Wednesday and bought myself a goody I've been waiting to get for awhile. A watch. Anti-climax I think so but wait till you see what it looks like. To me its not your standard watch ... for one its not a Michael Kors watch, everyone seems to have one including my sister with the typical rose gold colour. But I've fallen out of love with them for being so bulky. So as you can see the one I chose below is the complete opposite. 

I don't know if you can tell but I love everything to have a clean look, just like my blog, my room, my clothing style; just everything. Thats why the simplistic dial with the tiny details is just so me. The only catch with this one? Its an Olivia Burton Exclusive to John Lewis so you have to be quick if you want to get your hands on it. To me its a Christmas present. But I'll just be un-wrapping it much too early. The other thing I love is the navy strap it isn't too large and as its real leather is super smooth. Also I love how you can easily change the colour if you wanted to at a watch repair etc. Although I do feel navy is a timeless colour so I'll be keeping mine like that! I feel like such a big girl buying this with my hard earned work money at the price £105. Luckily I got free shipping as the order was over £50, which was a big help. To me this was a big investment which will definitely pay off in the amount of wear and its handiness over the next few years.

I've also ordered some jewellery which shall be arriving any day now which I'm personally thrilled for. Jewellery .... I just barely have any. Hence the order to stock up on some everyday fashionable pieces rather than the fancy pants bling I tend to wear. Which I really shouldn't for everyday. Hopefully this order will put an end to that and will start a new beginning of more trendy outfit of the days posts. Heres hoping to that! Although I don't feel quite complete without ordering myself a time turner necklace form Ebay. Jennie from the lovely blog SailorJennie you are not helping me, she has recently bought one and I'm so envious its so pretty and intricate I must have one! If you haven't read her blog already which I highly doubt she is an amazing blogger, who writes from everything makeup to even book reviews, on a daily basis. Overall she is a truly lovely person who you all should check out. Hit the link above once you're done here to have a nosey!

Besides, we all know I'm abit obsessed with Harry Potter shown by my visit to the studios and re-watching the movies for more hours than all of them took to film combined. Thats why I know I'm going to cave in sooner rather than later and buy one so I can hopefully regain some hours back from me sitting around watching the magic on TV.

Food of the Week
Mug shot of me snacking on the chocolate souffle. Excuse the hair, I had roughly put it up to get it out of the way!
Other than the above, I  haven't really baked a-lot, except for just one massive chocolate cake and some dark chocolate souffles - no biggie. They were both divine, the cake is all gone, however I might just have found another chocolate baking recipe to try, who put that there, naughty! Im sure you've seen the photo of all the bakes on my instagram as always. No as impressive on the eyes, but when it tastes that good, it doesn't need to!
Showing you the gooey core, was absolutely delicious - will share the recipe with you soon!
So thats it for this weeks catch-up. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Let me know what you think in a comment below! Until next time...

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