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Pretty Little Liars 2013 - Halloween Special, Theories & Who Is The True A?

As a true fan girl, I love Pretty Little Liars. I have read all of the books, I've watched all of the series. So when the halloween special hit the TV I was eager to watch and find out what had happened in Ravenswood. In true fashion I re-watched the episode to pick up on things I may have missed first time round, as all of you know who watched it, it was a pretty twisted episode.One minute Ezra and Spencer have a fight , next minute Caleb found his own grave....due to the TV spin-off Ravenswood. I will come back to this later. If you haven't read the books don't finish reading this paragraph. Despite all of what I've written below I truly believe the twin has a role in the story- a big one. I know the producers said they weren't 'rolling with the twin theory' but with the references Ali has made with her telling the story whilst babysitting and her french painting with the half of two twins faces. I feel the programme will make this link a reality in the series but not with the same storyline as the book. Maybe Kourtney hooked up with Ezra before Rosewood and was pretending to be Alison. We never know, a wacky theory but as we know anything is possible in Rosewood!

But first I'd like to cover my own theories on who A might be. I know the show has pointed out that Ezra is A. But then again is he? I truly do believe he is A, or one of them at least. Have I piqued your interest? Then do continue reading. First I will state the obvious about the lair, his suits are in there and his costume (the gas mask soldier) is pinned onto the boards along with Red A text telling the time and location of the Graveyard Ravenswood party.( Sidenote- even the invitation shows the family each with a child, who is a twin).We are reassured it is him in the suit, when Ezra phone-calls Aria, when he is dressed up hiding around a corner , suspicious hey? But then again I don't think its suspicious at all. I think Miss Aria knows more than she ever lets on , hence Ali saying 'you know why I chose you'. I think Ali knows from the start that Aria is very good at concealing herself ( her personalities) from anyone.This is proven through-out all of the series with the Little Liars commending her for her great lying skills.

Then I go to an A scene where there are 4 bottles of whiskey one for each little liar.The bottle first lands on Aria, one of the two black hoodies moves the bottle to Spencer's whiskey, pours and shares the drink with the accomplice. From this we know there are two people who are well in the know about the girls secrets. But as we know more or less everyone has be contracted in to help the mysterious A and put dirt and obstacles in front of friends.

Cue the whole Toby is a temporary A, who fights on the dark side for Spencer. For me I was never fooled by it, you can tell by the acting of his character that he would always bounce back to Spencer no matter what. Even his character as a builder who would constantly make him yo-yo in and out of town, made him such a easy person to lay a suspicion on.This girl wasn't fooled by that. This leads us to query, whether this accomplice of Ezra is a permanent fixture. We don't obviously know yet, but I think we will know with time. Also the whole double act of Ezra and Aria could be linked to by the little boy at the doll store (aria loves dolls) he mentions a man and woman were after Alison and the woman had 'long brown hair'... is this Aria? Lastly the whole thing about Arias lipstick colour Toffee Tango.Just like the saying it takes two to tango, do it mean it takes two to be A?

Besides with twitter feeds such as these, they all seem to point the finger towards Aria. Some which are plain obvious t-shirt prints , but some which some people may have not put together or seen resemblance at all. Cue the black swan dress.

However, the biggest hint out of all of them from Marlene is as follows....

Which was how Mona referenced Aria in an episode. Also let us not forget that Mona and Aria besides Cece drake, are the only ones to have worn Ali's red coat. However on the bank sheets which are found in the lair, the only money transfers have been to Cece. Is this because Ezra is A, so he can easily hand over money to Aria in person, or buy them their coffees or even their favourite whiskey , due to their relationship. 

However with the Mona situation, I am unsure of her overall role. To backtrack, sorry I know this is all over the place, but to be honest there isn't any structure to PLL anyway, everything interlinks like circles, like twins. Mona was the Original A, this is 100% true, it has been said by the producers, I first realised this in the scene where the girls are in Mr Fitz lesson and they all get a text from A, and you subtly see Mona in a blue vest top push her hand subtly down, to place a pressed phone back in her bag.The next big hint of Mona was the receipt, Spencer knew it was A's receipt , this again was proven when Mona took Spencer to the lair just before she confronted her, offers her the exact same gum. Mona's lipstick jungle red matched the lipstick on the mirror with the A message(season one). The radio casting message to Hanna from A stated 'I don't need you anymore from A'. For Hanna  this meant Mona doesn't need her as a friend no-more. This ultimately was the first reveal of a key player in the A Team. There has been tons of references to what each letter stands for. But the simplest and the one I believe to be most effective is this one.

A- All
T- The
E- Enemies
M- Made

The more specific name references, I don't believe to be correct because we know simply the whole A thing isn't a single person, like they are making us believe with the whole Ezra thing. But A has always been a network of people, who join and leave once they have either got something they wanted from A or when they prove useful to A. Lets just remember this programme started with the storyline that Mona desperately wanted revenge on the mean girl for bullying her when she was 'geeky' and unpopular.Since then the power and influence A had over the girls sparked more investigation more secrets to be made and more friendships and relationships for that matter to be broken. This is proven by Mona's quote 'you can join the A-team or you can disappear'. Even up till now in season four, there is just no-way Ezra can be the one and only A.Sure he is in a good position; in a relationship with one of the girls and teaches them. He even may have a secret past with Alison herself, which will explain why he attended her 'funeral' even though she isn't dead(halloween special people) as at the time he was a new teacher at the school,who would otherwise have no clue who the Rosewood b**** was. Despite this I think he was A long before Season 4 as he always turns up at weird times, but they were obvious intentional to lead viewers astray at the time.But out of all the girls, nothing has ever really happened to Aria, except being trapped in the occasional box in the back of a train. I truly think this was done to scare one side of Aria and also to gain the support of the other girls, which unites them as they all have had A-traumatic experience.

Whenever Aria has a doll around, I think it symbolises Arias innocent doll like self, where she play along with the girls superstitions about A.This contrasts however with the following.How she signed her name in the window on the train ride, with the signature A on the end with the raised flick. Was this deliberate to make watchers think she is A or was this a simple accident.To me personally, I think its odd that the first A is normal and the last one is sinister. Yet again let us think how the letters are aligned.One at the beginning of the word one at the end of the word,  reflecting the two varying sides of Aria. One innocent, one sinister.

 Other things within scenes seem to point towards Aria having some sort of multiple personality. Such as her fascination with dolls, especially russian dolls.As due to their stacking ability one person is hidden behind another. Could this be a link to the Innocent little liar, to the helping hand to A? With Arias own words 'You'd be surprised of what people are capable of'. Even the whole beginning of a series links with the episode Pilot. How one shot is Aria looking in the mirror in light.The other being her in the same dress looking into the mirror- but with a darker setting and opposite angle. Little things helps build the bigger picture?

However despite all the evidence that has been presented the whole idea of Aria being A isn't shocking enough and I personally think Marlena is leading us viewers on to believe that. The whole handcuff on Arias legs in photographs makes her stand out, but not in the way that makes her A, but makes her guilty as she knows who A is and has the relationship to figure it out for her friend Alison. Also I think Aria does has multiple personality disorder. This is what I think her gave her the ability to be herself with the girls, the normal Aria, but keep in touch with Ezra dark intentions without exposing herself. I think Ali may have known about Arias secret hence why Ali said 'you know why I chose you'. The whole teaser for the next new episode with Emily asking Alison who is the person you are running from. With  her reply being "I thought I knew, but now I don't know".I think Alison doesn't exactly know if Aria is fighting her corner, with her disorder sometimes she gets overwhelmed , this combined with her growing affection for Ezra.

Then we have tons of references to pigs. Weird isn't it from Arias pig puppet Pigtunia, to the pig cupcakes for Hanna, when Alison calls Paige pigskin, even a real dead pig in the boot of Wildens car.Tons of pigs.Is this a reference of A's character or is it the nature of the animal itself.Sometimes the find truffles rare and expensive things to find (true friends) but most of the time they roll around in dirt (the whole threats and secret telling of this A). Obviously these are my on thoughts I drag out and expand on, but I do think the writer well and truly places each prop with knowledge, and writing on blackboards, to try and drop red-herrings for the more nosey of watchers.

As the season continues each of the girls Hanna,Spencer,Emily and Aria level of trust for others, their friendship groups is diminishing, and we are left wondering ...Will the circle be unbroken? Will one of the girls betray the others break off then re-attach. Besides, Marlene says everything in Rosewood happens for a reason.Each and every character has a backstory which could make this web of theory kilter out of balance and snap at any time.

Ravenswood Programme
Miranda the new foster character and Caleb, finding their own grave.Spooky stuff.But the next day they aren't there...ten times more creepy. This is a spoiler to to the first episode so if you haven't seen it yet, do not read any further.To add to the weirdness,Ravenswoods history is repeating itself.Only one war veteran/soldier/medic from a whole unit survives a disaster and returns home thinking 'why did i survive'... the next five teenagers die. In the first episode we see the five of the teens meet each other and share a car journey together. Sounds rather boring but there is eerie mystery occurring to each and every one of them along the way which unites their downfall together. Personally after watching the first episode I like the programme. Dont get me wrong I think its great I love the story line already, however I like Caleb too much and I want him to get his bum home to Hanna and remain in Pretty Little Liars.Hanna always ends up being saved by him so without him there I'm sensing an upcoming plot.
Nos Animadverto Totus - We see all (N.A.T Club)

So thats it for this ramble, let me know in a comment below what you think of all the theories above and the halloween special? 

I would love to have a PLL debate in the comments below! Until next time...


  1. I've never watched a single episode but now I feel like I've been missing out hugely!

    Jennie xo |

    1. Aw well this post probably made no sense then, but I highly recommend you watch the programme from the beginning , its one of those programmes you get hooked onto.As you watch each episode everything changes, and you have to solve each new piece of information. It may seem abit overwhelming, but its well worth the watch!

      Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  2. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  3. Well that was a lot to take in. I read the whole thing. I agree, I feel like Aria is a bit suspicious, but I also believe that on this point no one is innocent :)


    1. I agree it was a-lot, aw thank-you so much for reading it all! Exactly, I think they all have their part to play in the A game! Thanks so much for reading!

      Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  4. Such an interesting point of really did your research :) I love PLL, I love the fact that they're still able to keep the interest up after such a long time! But I guessed Ezra had something to do with A from the beginning, so I'm waiting for something juicy!

    xx Martini On The Rock


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