Sunday, 22 December 2013

Black Tied Jewellery

All of us girls love our jewellery, whether it is a statement cocktail ring or simple stud earrings we all have our favourite pieces which we wear on a day to day basis. I always used to buy jewellery from highstreet stores such as Freedom at Topshop or the occasional piece from River Island or Primark, only to throw them out a week later after they break or leave me with a green line where the metal has faded. Around November I decided enough was enough and cleared out my jewellery collection chucking what was beyond repair. After the latter I realised I had nothing left, oopps. This meant I needed to find some simple staple jewellery fast! After a little internet browsing I came across a company called Black Tied via Twitter. I had heard of the brand before as blogging sensations such as Sammi and Lily Melrose had worn and featured their pieces on their own sites. If it had their seal of approval I knew I was making the right decision so I went ahead and had a browse of their online store.

I love simple pieces which aren't overdone so this brand instantly appealed to me with their simple yet effective jewellery designs. They have jewellery to suit a large age range from the ever so popular Hamsa hand bracelets to spike bracelets which are often combined with Michael Kors watches on every fashion related Pinterest! They do Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Ore/Mineral pieces of jewellery so don't be fooled by my choices above, I'm just going through a silver phase.

The key thing for me when it comes to jewellery is the price.I do find that for the quality of the jewellery; you get what you pay for. Like Topshop jewellery it is on the expensive side for what is a simple piece of jewellery, but it is well worth the money. I have worn the Handcuff Necklace pretty much everyday since it arrived, and it is still intact and hasn't faded, despite the accidental trip it had into the shower- which I personally found incredible. Anyone who has done this with Topshop jewellery know it is the point of no return when they get wet.

I thought in order to get a good grasp of the brand I would order one item from each jewellery section. Although I had to pass on rings, I have unusually large fingers *sigh*. Here are the pieces I ordered.
I love the Handcuff necklace. If you watch the programme Don't trust the B In Apartment 23, Chloe wears a handcuff necklace and I've always wanted one secretly, so when I saw the opportunity I took it with both hands. I have worn this every single day from lazy days to nights out, today is no exception either! The bonus being you can ask them to change the length of the chain so you can get one whatever size you like, which is great as most stores do not give this option. However I was happy with the standard length.

As for the earrings, don't be fooled by the photo, the eagle is very large, when I wear them it covers most of my ear lobe, which I kind of like as you notice them, even through my thick hair. They do feel slightly heavy when worn as the design is quite thick in depth. I wore them for 2 hours comfortably after that you were aware that you were still wearing them.But I would like to say I have very sensitive ears, as a child I could only wear real gold studs in my ears though-wise they would puff up.Due to this I am much more sensitive when it comes to earrings. My sister has worn these and thought they were great, so much so I had to sneak into her room to reclaim them! Although they are expensive for one pair of earrings the engraving they have and the unique nature of them made these worth the purchase.

I had to join the bandwagon. I find that is such a simple yet effective piece. You can literally wear this necklace with anything from a wooly jumper to a velvet dress. It adds a great focal point to any outfit and adds a extra touch without being overboard. the length of the chain means it hangs just over the top part of a jumper so it can be seen without falling behind your shirt. It can also be worn tucked under a shirt collar with the hand being the perfect middle pendant. This is how I have been wearing it recently and I love the effect it gives. If you compare this necklace to the handcuff one, you can tell the chain on this one is very fine which I love as it makes it feel much more precious, however I am so worried I will break this chain when untucking my hair from coats etc, but so far its still going strong.

This was the biggest risk out of all of the the pieces, bracelets always seem the fade on the inside after a long wear so i was interested to see if their offering was any different. To my surprise it hasn't faded at all even after a night out.With this particular piece you can push the metal in order to tighten or loosen the piece so it fits all wrist sizes. I love the silver colour, it is true silver rather than brushed metal which I love it looks much more sophisticated and adds a statement to any outfit. 

Overall I am very impressed with this company and would highly recommend their jewellery offerings to you all. The service they provide is top-notch, the pieces came well packaged and had wow factor and shipping to me was quick. What more can you ask for from a online shop!

I was not asked to write this post, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own from the personal experience I  have received with this company and via use of jewellery.All the jewellery was bought by myself.


  1. Love the hamsa hand ncecklace x

    1. I love it as it is such a refined version with the fine chain! Thanks for taking the time to comment Gemma!

      Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  2. Aw it's all so quirky! I love the handcuff necklace. I've never heard of the brand before but I'll definitely check them out

    1. It really is, so unique! It is my absolute favourite haven't taken it off! Please do they are well worth the visit! Thanks for all of your comments Amy!

      Eloise | simplynaturale xo


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