Saturday, 15 February 2014

February Fashion Wishlist

Despite the howling winds and hail stones the size of golfballs hitting the UK at the moment, my february wishlist for fashion consists of items which would much prefer warmer sunny rays. As you can see even shorts made it to the list, which I won't be wearing them anytime soon ... thanks weather *sigh face emoticon*

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My inspiration this month has originated from watching two sisters on youtube who are based in California *drum roll please* Cait and Shannon Barker. They are both models for Brandy Melville and they vlog their adventures from behind the scenes of photoshoots, to penny boarding about town. Everything the girls wear oozes my style, super relaxed and comfortable clothes which are still figure hugging. What I love the most is obviously their super skinny pins [jealous is a understatement] & that blonde hair - I will get my hair like that one day. Hence I may have come slightly obsessed with every t-shirt Brandy Melville has to offer along with a bucket load of vintage flannels, now just to find the perfect one!

Until I find myself the perfect flannel, grey cropped jumpers and light airy t-shirts will have to do, layered with heather grey hoodies and a fitted khaki Barbour jacket. I've been wearing Topshop's Cropped T-shirt Tops to death recently, trust me I've washed one within a day to get it ready for an afternoon out - thats true obsession right there. They are super comfortable whilst showing a little flesh and covering your shoulders #perfection

Silver jewellery. Yes I still cant get enough... Topshop jewellery is bang on at the moment, I just hope it is still available in a few days once payday is here. I love pairing silver jewellery with light t-shirts with a black mesh bralet underneath. As the sharp shapes are visible through the white t-shirt and add the extra edge to the outfit to rock big silver pieces.

So thats it for my fashion wishlist this cold february, please excuse me whilst I go wish for californian warm weather for next month... until then leave a comment below telling me whats on your fashion wishlist.



  1. I love everything on this wishlist, amazing style

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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